It can do

VisitorSys Software is a digital attendance management solution built to ease the workload event organizers grapple with during events.
It is packaged as a self-service interactive solution,allowing attendees to register for admission at events. in the process,branded name tags are generated instantly for attendees,and critical data on attendees is collected for the event organizer.

Multi-Events Support

Easy to add and edit new events on the backstage admin control panel.

Pre-Registration page

The autogenerated Pre-Registration page compatible with different mobile devices. Confirmation emails or SMS will be sent out automatically after registration.

Customized questionnaire option

Questionnaire survey options can be customized according to different exhibition.

On-site Registration

Paperless and wireless on-site registration system, up to 10 IPADs can share one printer. The exhibition badge can be customized in different size .

Barcode and QR code support

For pre-Registration visitors, they can get the badges by scan the code in their phone.

Powerful Dashboard

Visitors information can be reviewed through powerful background dashboard, analysis reported could be generated automatically.

How it works


Details of pre-registered participants are uploaded into the system.Participants are sent a unique pre-registration code on the eve of the event in SMS format (or Email Format). All they do when they arrive at the Stand is to select a pre-registration option and input their unique code. This instantly displays their information and verifies their registration status.

On-site registration

VisitorSys Software allows for fresh registration of attendees.The system provides input fields for attendees to fill. As part of the process,a code is sent to the participant as a text message.This code is input for the system to validate the attendee's details.

Instant printing of name tags

Upon verification of attendee,the system automatically prints a name tag.This can be pasted on branded cards and hung across the neck using quality lanyards.Tags can also be placed in vinyl pouches for further protection.

Data aggregation

One of the innate strenghts of SM is the ability to collate data on all attendees and make this available to the event organizer immediately after the event.This can be accessed via a dedicated online portal.The data is also available for download by the event organizer upon request(ths happens only if the organizer signs a bond of non-disclosure in accordance with data protection laws).

Data protection is guaranteed by the use of leading industry encryption algorithms. All collected data is deleted once the client takes delivery.As part of the process,the client signs an undertaking that forces adherence to dta protection laws.

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